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תמונה של אזורי המגורים בכפר הנוער בן שמן

We invite you to support us!

Thanks to your support

Every donation, small or large, allows us to upgrade the quality of life of our students. A donation of NIS 80 supports another emotional treatment, a donation of NIS 500 helps to purchase a new pair of glasses, and a donation of NIS 1,000 enables us to add an additional workshop or enrichment activity.

Thanks to donations from alumni and friends of Ben Shemen, we have been able to diversify classes and enrichment in the last decade, upgrade the students' residences, add trips and plays, pamper the students with bags for the army, build a new dormitory, renovate the magnificent cultural hall now called "Saban Hall" and more.

Every contribution touches the personal lives of the students, through enrichment and development. If the donation is for a private lesson in mathematics or music, and / or emotional therapy, the effect is immediate on the individual, if the donation allows us to open another class, build a facility, renovate clubrooms, the donation affects the life of an entire group. Larger donations affect the well being of the whole Village.

תמונה של נערה על גבו של נער מחויכים בשדה מואר

You inspire us

Contributions also affect the staff in the way they receive the children and the conditions in which they function, in respectfully equipped offices, in the ability to pamper the students with indulgent evenings beyond the regular budget and more. Donations allow out staff to dream, plan and execute.

In the last decade, there has been a significant upgrading to Village facilities thanks to the Ministry of Education, the Public Forum for Youth Villages and Boarding Schools, the Adeles Foundation, the Saban Foundation, the Razn family and many others. Many of the dorm rooms in the Village have been renovated,  and now have attached toilets and showers, all the rooms are air-conditioned, each group has a pampering and well-equipped clubroom, and most importantly, a feeling of a  warm and inviting home environment has been created.

You are loyal

"Planting seeds of education, harvesting achievement"

Additional contributions to the students will allow us to give each student the best for his/her own personal development, whether it be a private lesson, personal empowerment, or a personal program for  matriculation in physics with a private tutor. Any support is appreciated, as it allows us to personalize the  curriculum and provide personal empowerment for each and every student.

The village staff is very committed to its work and is at work 24/7. Support for the staff will enable the expansion of the programs for staff development, training for complex educational tasks, exposure to advanced theories in education and add personal tools for each staff member.

We dream of renovating all the dormitories in the village to ensure that they will have attached to toilets and showers, and for that purpose at least 3 more buildings remain, along with the construction of 2 new dormitories, each  for 16 students, so that we can expand the boarding program.

תמונה של נערה מחזיקה גדי במשק בכפר הנוער בן שמן

Support us today

, Donations to the Ben Shemen Youth Village are tax deductible in Israel and the US, as well as in other countries. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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