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Enrichment Activities

The Youth Village advocates an approach of listening and inclusion.
If you are interested in a class that we don't offer, we will offer it for you.
I chose the Village because for me the most important thing was the social  life, enrichment  activities, the music center and the amazing holistic approach!

Village graduate

We offer the students enrichment classes and activities in a variety of fields

Gino Bartali Youth Leadership School and Bartali Youth in Movement

The Gino Bartley Youth Leadership Academy, which began in 2019, is the only multi-year program of its kind in Israel for young cyclists is located at the Ben-Shemen Youth Village. The program is intended for youth aged 14-18 from all over Israel and from all corners of Israeli society.

The Basketball Academy - an incubator for developing players

The Step It Up Basketball Academy invites players in grades 7-12 to join a long-term program that includes residential and secondary education at the Ben Shemen Youth Village in optimal living conditions. The academic year 2021/2022 is the third year of our Academy in Israel. The Academy players will realize their athletic potential in a professional training program throughout the year under the management of Haim Hazak and under the professional management of Yogev Bardugo.


Music Center

The music center offers private lessons for students of all ages in: drums, piano, acoustic guitar, saxophone, voice development, dance troupe, hip hop, musical ensembles

Sport activities

Soccer, Ping Pong, Gym, Running Group, Swimming Pool, Cycling, Basketball

"Likratech" Program

A program designed for 12th grade women for the purpose of explanation and guidance prior to enlistment in the IDF.

"Acharai" Program

A program designed for 11th and 12th grade students in preparation for the army, especially on the subject of combat fitness.

Other Activities

Dog training, horseback riding and many others.

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