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The Learning and Tutoring Center 
at the Ben Shemen Youth Village

They believe in you, and give you all the tools you need to succeed, like a learning center, or teachers who come to work with you in their free time because it is important to them that you succeed.

Village student

Primary School Learning Center

The Primary School Learning Center focuses on imparting learning habits and skills, alongside homework preparation , remedial teaching, writing papers, and preparing for exams. All of this together with personal enrichment for each student according to his/her needs.


Middle School Learning Center

The Learning Center is the study center for the boarding program, and it provides an educational solution for all students of middle school age. The Center cultivates and promotes students' abilities, achievements, provides them with learning strategies and is a lever for self-realization for students now and in the future.


The learning center is active in throughout the afternoon and early evening and tutoring is provided by university students, teachers from the school and boarding program staff.

As part of the learning center's goals other than reducing learning gaps and  promoting learning development, there is a goal to provide tools for how to learn, how to take exams and acquire additional tools such as computer applications and more. The overall goal is to assist middle school age students in dealing with their academic tasks on a daily basis, as well as to reduce gaps and prepare them for attending high school.

High School Learning Center

The High School Learning Center, conducts its activities in the late afternoon/early evening and serves as a support for teaching and learning for the school.

The center works continuously with the school staff while creating a personal and accurate educational program for each student in order to give the right solution for all  students, those who are strong and those having difficulties. The center's staff includes some of the school's teachers, tutors and university students who help with all the necessary subjects while emphasizing the development of a personal connection and the provision of tools and learning strategies.


The center aims to be an educational, professional and essential home for all students in the village, to help and support them until they reach the finish line - with a quality and complete matriculation certificate. The center strengthens the students' sense of security and ability and provides them with diverse opportunities for the development and realization of their personal and educational potential.

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