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Distance Learning
at the Ben Shemen Youth Village

Distance learning adapted to the times

Teachers conducted and constructed lesson plans for all subjects taught, tailored to online teaching. Most of the teaching was done using digital tools such as the various Google tools, the Ofek website by CET, the "Gol" website in mathematics, etc. In addition, the WhatsApp study groups were used daily to manage daily communication with the students. Online learning systems have been adapted, and various assessment events were held through various online means, such as tests, research papers, and various assignments.



Lectures, special days, social activities on Zoom - Through Zoom there were also various lectures on the subject of addictions and preparation for the IDF. The Sigd holiday was celebrated through Zoom conversations with well-known and famous people from the Ethiopian community in cooperation with Darca.


Special education classes and classes for youth at significant risk
These classes received approval for frontal learning in the school, the teachers taught in integrated (hybrid) learning, students from a distance and up close, using computing and unique cameras installed in all classes.


The means of study
As mentioned, most of the distance learning relied on the use of smartphones but also required the use of a computer. Students who did not have access, and did not have a personal computer, borrowed personal laptops through the village and the Ministry of Education.


Currently, all students have returned to frontal learning in school, while maintaining capsules of 20-22 students per group. Some subjects continue to be taught online due to the limitations of the capsules per student.

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