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תמונה של מסדרון בית הספר בכפר הנוער בן שמן

Education and Studies in the Village

The Einshtein Six-Year High School is a school from 7th to 12th grade, which has about 480 students. The school is located within the green expanses of the Village.  Our flagship programs integrate between a high level of academic achievement, a personal approach, small classes and the integration of spaces in the Village as a tool for meaningful and diverse learning. The school is a small and family like community, where everyone knows everyone.

תמונה של שתי נערות יושבות על ספסל צהוב עושות שיעורי בית

Diverse tracks

All village students take a 5 point matriculation exam in agriculture, life sciences and animal and plant sciences. In addition, each student may choose another enhanced subject.

It is the best place to grow, both academically and socially and to develop independence.
There are amazing people who helped me a lot.

Moran Gabay, Graduate


Information for parents

We believe that a strong and good relationship between the parents and the school makes a significant contribution to the children's emotional well-being and academic success. There are open channels of communication between the parents and the school staff. The means by which we regularly keep in touch are through regular updates on what is happening at the school, parents' days, parent meetings, peak days like the evenings of success, the Facebook page where we update on the current events taking place at the school, etc. The main interface we work with is the Mashov software, where parents and students have access to all related information.

Excellence Programs

We, at the Einstein High School, believe that the pursuit of excellence is a way of life and therefore we place emphasis on the student's personal development from his studies in the junior high school through their graduation.

צילום קיר ובו ציטוט "ההצלחות הקטנות הן העוגן שלי"
3 בני נוער על גבי סוסים בשדה קש

Field trips and outings

School students go on a variety of trips over the years.

Middle school students go on annual trips with the educational staffs of the school and the boarding school, all over the country for two or three days, in addition eighth and ninth graders participate in a variety of "Shelach" field trips . The upper division students go on unique field trips such as "Hashomer Hachadash", "Masa Israel" and a trip to Eilat for 12th grade students. In addition, students participate in "Gadna" (a pre-military experience) in cooperation with and under the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense.


As part of the travels and trips, the students assimilate values such as giving, love of country and man, preparation for meaningful service in the IDF and more.

The Educational Staff

The school's educational staff includes teachers (including teachers of specific subjects,, homeroom teachers, coordinators and members of the school administration), teaching aides and assistants, a laboratory technician, a librarian and administrative staff: the school secretary, the maintenance person and the head of the computer department.


The educational staff at the school is a dedicated staff, which sees the success of the students and their safety as a central value. The team works closely and continuously with the boarding school staff, the farm staff and the treatment unit in order to help each student realize their abilities and potential and advance them academically, emotionally and socially.

שתי בנות נוער מדברות עם מדריך בכפר הנוער בן שמן
תמונה של נערים ונערות מול מחשבים בחדר המחשבים בכפר הנוער בן שמן

Distance Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the educational system in general and the Einshtein School in particular to different and new kind of learning - distance learning. Most of the distance learning to date has been based on online lessons using "Zoom" or the on-line classroom offered by the "Mashov" program.

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