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The Management Team

The Structure

The management is a veteran professional team, which strives to continue to lead the students to successes, while observing the changes in society and adapting to them. This team is mainly responsible for setting educational and social policy alongside strategic planning for Village activities. The Village Strategic team is a partner in the management's decisions and their implementation.

The management team consists of:

Dr. Ilana Tischler – Director, Moshe Ben Shushan, CPA – Deputy Director, Ms. Sigal Baylis – Principal of the High School, Mr. Avi Sherer – Director of Boarding Education, Mr. Kali Bet On – Director of Agriculture

Ms. Hila Ben Zion – Director of the Treatment Unit.

The Strategic Forum

The Village's Strategic Forum consists of the Village Director, the school management, the boarding program management as well as the coordinators of the various field departments. This Forum implements the decisions of the management team, advices, is a partner in implementing and assimilating decisions, and includes people from different areas and of varying levels of experience.

ד"ר אילנה טישלר

"If you believe, this is the reality you will attain"

The Director of the Youth Village is responsible for policy and leadership while integrating and coordinating between the boarding program, the school and the farm, as well  as communicating with outside elements, new  initiatives, and creating  a community atmosphere.

Dr. Ilana Tischler


רו"ח משה בן שושן

"I believe that the road taken is no less important than the goal."

The Deputy Director is responsible for finance, human resources and operations. He is also responsible for construction and development in the Village for the benefit of the students.

Moshe Ben Shushan, CPA

Deputy Director

נוי משה כהן

"If we invest in education today, the world will be better tomorrow"

Director Boarding Program

Noi Moshe Cohen
סיגל בייליס

"Every child needs to grow up in a safe environment that gives him love, a warm hug, protection, the opportunity to make mistakes, learn and correct, alongside a present and meaningful adult who nurtures, develops and promotes the child."

Sigal Baylis

School Principal

כלי בית און

"The farm serves as a place of relaxation - the Ritalin of nature"

The Director of Agriculture deals with management and development farm operations from the educational aspect in full cooperation with the students. Imparting the values of labor, through professionalization, specialization, leading the farm's economic aspects, branch innovation, ensuring the farm's resilience and growth of the Village in general and the arm particular.

Cali Beit On

Director of Agriculture

הילה חן ציון

"To believe in the process, even if it is tortuous and deceptive and not to give up on any patient."

The treatment staff at the boarding school takes care of the mental well-being of the students, in terms of prevention and empowerment and in terms of treatment and support, while assisting in dealing with emotional difficulties, crises and the complexities of personal life. Mental well-being allows students to function successfully in all areas (studies, identity formation, values, interpersonal relationships,  strengthening the sense of self-worth and more).

Hila Ben Zion

Director of the Treatment Unit

הגר ציטרון

"We are here to help and answer any request at any time for any student."

I am responsible for the well being of the boarding students (nutrition, clothing, dorm rooms, clinic maintenance and more.

I instruct the educational staff in all that is required and supervise implementation.

Hagar Citroen

Housemother Coordinator

טל דואניס

"The youth village as an environment offers an optimal educational climate for students while educating for the values of human dignity and the homeland."

The role of the division coordinator is to guide and ensure a daily routine for the students and to create a supportive environment, responsibility for maintaining educational programs, maintaining norms of behavior and discipline, managing staff members and their role. Responsibility for  year of service volunteers includes selection and absorption of candidates, guiding the volunteers  and the commune: creation of a work routine on the farm and in the boarding school, norms of behavior and being a personal example.

Tal Duanis

Upper School Coordinator 

צדוק אקצין

"As a graduate of the village, I believe that children should grow up in an embracing and supportive environment that provides for basic needs while at the same time outlines a way to utilize the abilities inherent in each student."

Provide and individual education  plan and personal accompaniment to all Village students in all areas of life while providing the tools for realizing their rights. Coordination and accompaniment of the educational stall in charge of the student life in the Village.

Tzadok Ecktein

Upper School Coordinator Boarding Program

מיקו משעלי

"The presence in the village develops independence and maturity where you can choose what to do in the future"

Directing the Children's Home is mainly assisting the students who have been removed from their homes to out of home placements, to lead independent and significant lives, to realize the potential in each child, and to create therapeutic boarding program that educates and envelops within a youth village. 

Miko Mishali

Director Children's Home

נטלי שטיינברג

"I believe that with the help of education everything can be changed"

Concern for the well-being of the students in all aspects - health, nutrition, warmth, protection and love.

When all the basic needs are met, we are able to provide guidance in the field of education and emotion, thus addressing all the students' needs.

Natali Shteinberg

Housemother Coordinator Children's Home

לילך ארד

"Every child needs to grow up in a safe environment that gives him love, a warm hug, protection, the opportunity to make mistakes, learn and correct, alongside a present and meaningful adult who nurtures, develops and promotes the child."

The Director of the Treatment Unit is responsible for the emotional well-being of the boarding school children, including assisting the therapeutic and educational staff, identifying the needs of the students, building a customized treatment plan for each student and monitoring its implementation.

Lilach Arad

Director Treatment Unit Children's Home

"אם נשקיע בחינוך היום, העולם יהא טוב יותר כבר מחר"

מרכזיה חינוכית מקומית ובשמו השני-  מקום חשוב מאוד. המח"מ הינו הלב הפועם של הפנימייה בפרט ושל הכפר בכלל. תחום האחריות של המח"מ מקיף ונרחב ונוגע בפדגוגיה החינוכית בפנימייה על כל היבטיה. במח"מ נוצרות ונבנות הפעילויות החינוכיות והפרויקטים אשר מקדמים את הערכים שהצוות החינוכי מנחיל לילדי הכפר.

מתן זימרי

"Even when you're wrong, it's an integral part of your path and a good opportunity to improve your way forward, it's our shared journey and I'll be with you every step of the way."

The Middle School Age Coordinator is responsible for guiding and mentoring staff, young staff, and leading disciplinary and educational process vis-à-vis the children. I also lead a sports group in my division in order to install important values through sport.

Matan Zimri

Middle School Age Coordinator Children's Home

חן ברבי

My mission as Elementary Coordinator in the Children's Home is to create an inclusive and proactive family experience, educating for independence, maturity, preparation for middle school and creating an optimal climate.

The role of the Coordinator includes management of division at the student level and educational staff, and leading a healthy agenda and      routine. Building an absorption system for young children, their integration into an out of home setting, and preparing the older children for middle school in order to create a good foundation for meaningful learning in school.

Chen Barbi

Elementary Coordinator Children's Home

Adi Mizrachi

Middle School Age Coordinator

רעות סיגלצ'יק

"I have a desire for out students to feel a sense of belonging to the school and to the Village, where they receive all of the academic, emotional and social responses they need to realize and challenge their abilities.

The Director of Middle School Age, together with the division's staff, has set the goal of shaping the future student: independent learners, learners with a value-based worldview who are involved in Israeli society.
Reut Sigalchick

Director Middle School Age

יניב טז

Yaniv Taz

Director High School Age

The Director of Middle School Age, together with the division's staff, has set the goal of shaping the future student: independent learners, learners with a value-based worldview who are involved in Israeli society.

"The whole wide world is a very narrow bridge, and the main thing is to recall is to have no fear, no fear at all. " (R. Nachman)

I believe that if you have faith in yourself you can achieve anything.

Ophir Yitzchak

High School Tutoring Learning Center Coordinator

image (2).png

"I learned from all of my teachers but most of all from my students."

Tamir Star

Coordinator Junior High School Tutoring Center

דיאנה סולומון

Mentoring and training staff, alongside building pedagogical education programs in the boarding school.

Mentoring soldier- teachers and leading the youth council.

Diana Solomon

Coordinator Alumni and Educational Development Center

אביטל אביב

"Ben Shemen is a home and family"

As Absorption Coordinator and Village Secretary, I accompany candidates who wish to study in the Village through their full integration in the boarding program and school. I work with the student and his parents regarding conduct in the Village and vis-à-vis outside institutions in order to ensure the student's  adaptation in an accepting and sympathetic manner.

As part of my job, I am in contact with those referring students to the Village,  take care of testing, scholarships, maintain personal files, and deal with payments.

Avital Aviv

Registration and Absorption Coordinator

שימי אביב

"Ben Shemen is not just the place where you live, it is the place where you are understood."

Responsible for the day-to-day of the Village.  Performing maintenance work, routine inspections of infrastructure and its integrity. Responsible for the public cleanliness of the Village, renovations, preparing the dormitories for incoming students and all equipment, and purchasing for the dormitories and offices. Responsible for communication with contractors and external parties handling maintenance.

Shimi Aviv

Maintenance Director

רונן צייגר

"Students sometimes need guidance and being listened to and we are here for them."

The Security Department is responsible for the safety of all the Village's residents in times of calm and times of emergency, while providing a sense of security and concern for the needs and conduct of students and staff. The work is done in conjunction with the students giving them guidance in emergency and security issues.

Ronen Tseiger

Village Security Officer

נגה וטר

"An ongoing process of developing mental flexibility enables our understanding of life and acceptance of ourselves so that we can cope with environmental changes and personal experiences"

The role includes the advancement of operational projects in the Village. As a process with long-term rewards; always trying to improve cross organizational human connections.

Noga Watter

Operations Coordinator

מירב פריזדה

"לכל ילד יש את הצורך להיות נאהב, להרגיש רצוי, בטוח, מקובל ושייך. אני מאמינה שלפני הכל תפקידנו כמחנכים וכמבוגרים לספק לו את הסביבה הבטוחה שתענה על צרכיו אלו."

מחנכת בחטיבת הביניים, מורה לחינוך גופני ומקצועות רבי מלל, רכזת בטיחות וביטחון בתחומי בית הספר. באחריותי דאגה לבטיחותם ובטחונם של באי בית הספר, בפעילות המתרחשת בבית הספר ובפעילות החוץ-בית ספרית בשגרה ובמצבי חירום.

Meirav Prizada

School Security Coordinator

יפה כהן

"I believe in health education and disease prevention. The cultivation of a healthy soul in a healthy body."

In my role as  the clinic nurse in the Village I provide support and medical care utilizing a holistic approach that combines prevention and treatment. Providing care along medical solutions allowing the parents to be sure that there is someone who sees and cares for their children.

Yaffa Cohen

Village Nurse

נוגה פרלוס

"בריאות תקינה היא תוצר של גוף ונפש בריאים"

בריאות החניך הינו חלק בלתי נפרד מהתפתחותו הרגשית הנפשית והחינוכית. כאחיות הכפר תפקידנו לתת מענה בריאותי בכל ההיבטים על מנת לאפשר לילד התפתחות טובה

Noga Perlus

Village Nurse


"Give a child wings so they can fly, give them strong and deep roots, so they will have  where to return to"

Administrative work in making arrangement for the benefit of the organization, being a representative for the Village management both within the organization and to outside contacts, coordinating between the management and  village employees and working in cooperation with all parties with an emphasis on providing responses that are  complete, speedy and available.

Shirel Ben Margi

Administrative Coordinator

שוקי שוקרון

"אם יש לך חלום, תלכ.י אחריו עד לאן שיקח אותך"

מזכירת הפנימייה, מטפלת בכל תיאומי הפנימייה מול גורמי הכפר וגורמי חוץ.

Shuki Shukrun

Museatar Director

מזליקה פנחס

"אם יש לך חלום, תלכ.י אחריו עד לאן שיקח אותך"

מזכירת הפנימייה, מטפלת בכל תיאומי הפנימייה מול גורמי הכפר וגורמי חוץ.

Mazalika Pinchas

Boarding Program Secretary

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