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נער ונערה מנשקים סוס באמצע שדה קש

The Farm

The Farm's History

From its establishment by Dr. Lehman, work has been the foundation of the Village's values. It is through work students acquired agricultural professions and after they finished studying, as a result of their academic studies and years of experience, many Ben Shemen graduates were sent to work in new communities being established around Israel - new farms, kibbutzim and moshavim in the periphery and more.

נערה מחייכת מחזיקה גדי בכפר הנוער בן שמן

The Farm

This large and imposing farm is maintained entirely by the students and only managed by the branch coordinators.

The farm is a first-class educational tool and among its functions: education for labor values and love of the country, training students for teamwork and mutual help, creating leadership and responsibility, love for animals, plants, the earth and preserving the environment. Students conduct projects in the different branches as an integral part of curriculum and attain 5 point matriculation in agriculture. 

The students work on the farm about 5 hours a week from eighth to twelfth grade.

Benefits of Animal Therapy

The treatment of animals and their use as an educational and therapeutic means has been common in the education system in general and in Ben Shemen in particular since its establishment. Therefore the Village considers is very comfortable using animals for educational and therapeutic means.

נערה מחייכת חולבת פרה בכפר הנוער בן שמן

Learning to have a work ethic and working on the farm was very important to me, and as was my social life. Endless classes, sports competitions, amazing experiences and an exceptional educational staff.

Leon Dessa, Graduate

ידיים של נערות מלאות צמידים, מרימות פלטת גידול עמוסה עשבי תיבול בחממה ההידרופונית

Modern Agriculture

Modern agriculture is a professional field that combines technologies for collecting and processing information with the  knowledge that enables the farmer to effectively care for their crops or the animals. The field has developed greatly in the last twenty years as a result of the great advances in the ability to collect data from the field - photography, temperature sensors, humidity, chemistry and physiological indicators of flora and fauna in agriculture. This advancement combined with the ability to map the data by geographic information systems and computerized data processing leads to the production of a "prescription" for effective treatment of the farm - nourishing and protecting flora and fauna.

In addition, there is a collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture and the Hebrew University in the use of modern technologies in the field of precision agriculture and more.

Hydroponic Greenhouse

The greenhouse is among the most sophisticated and advanced in the country, where the plants grow only on water and it is completely mechanized and computerized.

The hydroponic greenhouse - in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture. The greenhouse specializes in growing and researching green leafy vegetables, saving water and making the best use of growing space. Villagers  students are identifying agrotopes and conducting research in the greenhouse.

Ornamental - in the Village the ornamental branch that is responsible for 170 dunams of vegetation throughout the village. All of this land is the responsibility of the students, year of service volunteers, and the branch coordinator.

Field crops - In the Ben Shemen youth village, there are many field crops, such as wheat, chickpeas, corn, clover and more. The students sow and reap, and experience field work.

שורות של חסות שגדלות בחממה ההידרופונית בכפר הנוער בן שמן
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