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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the policy, strategy and implementation of decisions in the Village. The Board of Directors meets 4 times a year on a regular basis, and additional times according to areas of interest. The Board deals with determining the Association's vision and policy, approves annual and multi-year work plans, approves the budget, monitors planning versus execution, appoints and dismisses senior management, approves the financial report and brings it to the General Assembly for approval, represents the organization before policy makers, government officials and others. Raises funds for the organization's activities, activates ad hoc committees as needed.

איציק תורג'מן
Itzik Turgeman

Itzik Turgman is an electronics engineer, who served as an officer with the rank of colonel in the Intelligence Corps and won the Israel Security Award. Itzik is one of the founders of the Atidim program which encourage youth from peripheral localities to integrate into the academic reserve. Itzik was awarded the title of Honorary Fellow of the Technion for "his work as a representative of IDF officers who initiated and implemented the Atidim program", in his last position he was the Director General of the Rashi Foundation.

Rafi Yosefson
Board Member

Rafi attended high school in the Ben Shemen Youth Village and later the Air Force Technical School. He was drafted and served for 5 years in the Electronic Warfare Division as an airborne technician in Yasur helicopters..

After his release from the regular army, he studied to be an appraiser and practiced for 15 years, during which he handled many and varied property damage claims.

For the last 30 years, he has been the co-owner and CEO of a large insurance agency in Rishon Lezion, specializing in complex business insurance.

In parallel, he has always been involved in a wide range of volunteer activities, particularly in the field of basketball. In this context, he was one of the founders who established the well known basketball department of the Maccabi Rishon Lezion , where he began in 1976 as an active player and finished as the department's general manager, a position he held for over 10 years.

דוד בן נתן
David Ben Natan
Board Member

David Ben-Natan is a graduate of the Ben Shemen Youth Village, class of 1963. He was the Chairman of the Ben Shemen Youth Village Alumni Association "Aviv". He is a microbiologist-virologist with a Ph.D (from Hebrew University). He worked as a senior scientist at the Institute for Biological Research in Ness Ziona, and as a virologist in the Department of Infectious Diseases. He has published dozens of articles in scientific journals dealing with infectious diseases on the topics of: stressors and their effect on immune response, antiviral substances, and the development of vaccines against viral disease agents.

שרית גיל
Sarit Gil
Board Member and Finance Committee Chair

Sarit Gil was educated in the Ben Shemen Youth Village  between 1955-1966. Sarit ran an elementary school in Jerusalem, and was also a teacher in the education system for 35 years.

In addition, she served as a facilitator for the development of budgetary autonomy for principals nationwide within the framework of the Pedagogical Secretariat. In addition, in collaboration with the JDC and the Jerusalem Municipality, she established an array of volunteers at a school in the city.

ארז צבי
Erez Zvi
Board Member

Graduated from the village in 1964. He served in the IDF for a long time, and was discharged with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Zvi holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management. He worked as the as Director Human Resources at the Soroka Medical Center for many years. After that, he held a management position at the Clalit Health Fund. At the center of his professional life, in the IDF and in civilian life, he dealt with all aspects of human resource management. Editor of the magazine of the village's alumni and friends association - "Aviv". An active volunteer at the village's documentation center for the documentation, preservation and dissemination of the tradition and heritage of the Ben Shemen Youth Village.

שמעון סוסן
Shimon Susan

Board Member

Shimon Susan began his career as an employee of the Ben Shemen Youth Village in 1981 and was chairman of the workers' committee in the village. After that, he turned to politics and was elected head of the Modi'in Regional Council. , Father of three and grandfather of grandson.

שולמית מור
Shulamit Mor
Board Member

Ms. Shula Mor has worked in various fields of the Economics and Budgets Administration, Ministry of Education for 40 years, including handling the budgets of local authorities, education budgets for kindergartens, schools, psychological services, the Rural Education Administration and others. She served as a Director in the Marine Education Company, and oversees a number of educational institutions in which civil servants are not allowed to be on the board. After retiring, she joined the board of Hamifal, Manof, Kedma, and the Ben Shemen Youth Village.

צבי שטרן
Zvika Stern 

Board Member

Zvi Stern began his work as an administrator in 1981 becoming the Deputy Director until his retirement in 2015 after 35 years of service and joined the Board of Directors. Since retiring, Zvi has served a public representative in the Labor Court and in parallel is the Director of the Owners Association (representatives of boarding school networks and youth villages) and is a board member of other organizations. 

"The Ben Shemen Youth Village was and will be my second home"

מירי כהן ועד מנהל
Miri Cohen
Board Member

Ms. Miri Cohen worked for the Ministry of Education for 41 years in the Economics and Budgets Administration, budgeting for local governments and as a referent for the Rural Education Administration, while also dealing with salary issues and salary agreement for the Ministry. Miri has an academic education and a degree in education. Upon her retirment she was invited to become a Board Member of the Ben Shemen Youth Village.

Meirav Tal - Boarding Program Educational Supervisor

Ministry of Education - Observer

נוגה ברעם
Nogal Baram -
Overall Supervisor

Ministry of Education - Observer

Noga Baram is the School Supervisor on behalf of the Administration for Rural Education and Aliyat Hanoar. A mother of three, she has been an educator for 32 years.

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