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Our Alumni

Materials for Graduates

Dear graduates, In preparation for going out to live outside the village, we have collected for you a number of materials that can be used by you and help you. In addition, in the village there is an alumni coordinator who accompanies you, the alumni of the village, upon your enlistment in the army and in preparation for academic studies,
For any need you can contact Morag Saada


"It's really not obvious that they call us, and check how we are and how we are doing, even 4 years after we graduated . It's fun to know who to contact if I run into a problem, and I know I will need the assistance when I decide I want to start studying. I miss the Village very much and it will always remain my home."

Graduate of the village

Community Involvement

The transition from an enveloping framework of a youth village to life outside of it, may be accompanied by various difficulties and struggles for our graduates. After years of the students being educated in the Village and the place being a home for them, the Ben Shemen youth village sees great importance in accompanying the graduates in the first years of going out into their independent lives.

The village provides graduates with guidance and support on various issues such as - military, employment, studies, scholarships, economic problems, housing, exercising their rights and more.

Our alumni programs operate as part of the Ministry of Education's "You have an address" program. The alumni programming is designed to provide a safety net for the alumni, an address that can be contacted when needed, so that they can be provides with answers in various fields.

Some of our graduates lack strong family backing or financial support, so there is great importance in making various programs accessible that can help the alumni  deal with various difficulties.

As part of the alumni services, Ben Shemen provides housing in an alumni home for alumni who need a housing solution and a more supportive framework upon graduation from the boarding program.


The alumni home has a "warm bed" - which is intended for alumni who are temporarily in a housing crisis. The village will help with treatment, connection to competent bodies and finding a permanent solution.

In addition, the village holds alumni events in order to keep the alumni in touch with the place, the staff and each other.


"I wanted to start studying a profession I had always dreamed of pursuing, the cost of studying for a degree was something I could not afford given my and my family's financial situation. On the other hand I did not want to give up the dream. When I heard there was a graduate coordinator, I turned to see if there was a way they could help me financially. Indeed, with the continued guidance of the alumni coordinator and study advisor on behalf of the program, we finally managed to obtain NIS 5,000 in funding. It is a privilege to be a graduate of Ben Shemen - who also many years later -  is there to help, guide and promote."

Village alumni

Stay in touch

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"I was called by Ben Shemen right when I was released from the IDF, I was confused - I could not find a job, I did not have a resume and I did not know how I to approach all this. The alumni coordinator helped me along the way - guided me to suitable sites, sent me relevant jobs, and accompanied me in writing  a resume. I felt I was being given the initial boost I needed to start advancing my life. "

Graduate of the village

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