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Sites, tours and events in the Village 

Sites and tours in the Village

The Ben Shemen Youth Village has a number of historical sites, which mark the development of the State of Israel. Stories of the establishment of the village from 1927, Operation "Dani" during the siege and liberation of the village in 1948, the first olive tree planted in the village in the Herzl Forest, the guard position of the late Shimon Peres from it, he said, overlooks the home of the parents of the late Sonia Peres, the inner courtyard where the village was established and within which the first experiments of the Vulcani Institute were conducted, an updated archive, a "museum" run by the student sand more.

Tours of the Village are conducted by the students, along with the director of the village's documentation center, a teacher of Israel studies.

For details, please  contact Shuki Shukrun

Telephone, 052-3629150


Accommodation options in the Village

During the summer vacation, the Village opens its doors to educational summer camps for youth groups, computers and sports from Israel and the world. In these camps you can live in the Village and enjoy all the ancillary services such as kitchen, activity rooms, swimming pool and more.

All activities are subject to required approvals.

For Details, please contact Noga Wetter

Telephone, 08-9777107

Guided tours of the Village

The Ben Shemen Youth Villages weaves together history, agriculture and ground breaking education. You can get to know us better through a guided tour of the Village:

1. Historical tour - the inner courtyard and the museum. During this tour we will visit a unique gallery in the documentation room featuring unique historical exhibits and a museum run by the students about the Village. This can be combined with a walking tour of the Village and the length of tour can be adjusted according to the visitors' request.

2. Tours of the Zoo and birthday parties  - alongside the iguanas, goats and even Shula the turtle. An exciting visit to place that fun for everyone and suitable for families.

3. The visitors' center and exposure to advanced agriculture - a hydroponic greenhouse, a computerized chicken coop and more, along with an introduction to the future of agriculture in Israel. A fascinating and unique field.

4.  Team Building - combining one or more of the above elements along with a pampering meal in our dining room, available for 20-300 guests.

For more information and to make reservations, please contact Noga Wetter

Telephone, 08-9777107


Village Events

The Ben Shemen Youth Village maintains a tradition of unique events for the students and graduates.


The main event of the Ben Shemen Youth Village takes place every year on Shavuot. On the Thursday before the holiday we hold the traditional Shavuot ceremony, in the  "taste of yesteryear", bringing the firstborn on stage, singing and dancing and exciting activities for and alumni.



For each of the Israeli holidays we celebrate in a rural and special atmosphere, such as a Hanukkiot exhibition, group costumes on Purim, a common Passover Seder and more.



Along with Israeli holidays, the Ben Shemen Youth Village commemorates the days of remembrance, the memory of the late Yitzhak Rabin, Holocaust Martyrs 'and Heroes' Remembrance Day, and Memorial Day for IDF soldiers, in honorable and moving ceremonies.

For details about events please contact Shirel Ben Mergi

Telephone 08-9777101

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