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תמונת רקע של כפר הנוער בן שמן ובמרכזה 3 חניכים מדבירם

About Us

About the Ben Shemen Youth Village

Ben Shemen Youth Village was founded in 1927 by Dr. Lehman. The educational doctrine advocated by Dr. Lehman included quality education, universal moral values, a sense of belonging to the Land of Israel and collaboration with the aim of instilling in youth the values of Zionism, farming and human dignity.


The Village, known for its rich educational heritage, receives funding and is supervised by the Rural Education Authority, Boarding Schools and Aliyat Hanoar, Ministry of Education, and the Service for Children and Youth, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services.

From the Director’s Desk

Ben Shemen is home to 400 students ages 6-18 as well as graduates who are in the military and defined as “lone soldiers” (i.e. soldiers lacking family support).

The Village is a unique social community, whose goal is to raise, develop, empower, and love people, society and the environment. The educational staff at the Village, accompanies the students on their path to success in modern society utilizing knowledge, social skills, innovation and achievements.

The Management Team

The management is a veteran professional team, which strives to continue to lead the students to successes, while observing the changes in society and adapting to them. This team is mainly responsible for setting educational and social policy alongside strategic planning for Village activities. The Village Strategic team is a partner in the management's decisions and their implementation.


The management team consists of:

Dr. Ilana Tischler – Director

Moshe Ben Shushan, CPA – Deputy Director

Ms. Sigal Baylis – Principal of the High School

Mr. Avi Sherer – Director of Boarding Education

Mr. Kali Bet On – Director of Agriculture

Ms. Hila Ben Zion – Director of the Treatment Unit.

חמישה חברי צוות הכפר עומדים יחד ומדברים וצוחקים

The educational and management teams are very loving and embracing. They do everything to help and of course they are always and attentive ear, and even more so in emotionally difficult situations.

Village graduate

תמונה של מבנה בכפר

The Board of Directors

The Board delineates the vision of the organization and establishes organizational policy. The authority and responsibilities of the Board of Directors deals with all areas in the Village. The Board of Directors has a duty to loyalty for the benefit of the organization, and the duty to act in accordance with laws and regulations pertaining to the activities of the association.

Sites in the Village

The Ben Shemen Youth Village has a number of historical sites, which mark the development of the State of Israel. From the place where the first tree of the Herzl Forest was planted, Shimon Peres' guard post, the inner courtyard where the village was established, an updated archive, a "museum" and more.

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